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Here's what some of my current and past clients have said...

5 glowing stars. Tiana is awesome. As a one-on-one client - I get completely tailored programming and support for my strength-training, fitness, and nutritional needs. She gives unparalleled attention to my form and execution of each movement and exercise. She's patient and creative in explaining what I need to do. This makes the sessions demanding yes but the atmosphere easy. And that makes me want to keep going! Now I believe that is the book definition of an amazing coach !!!

Mais L.

Tiana’s [pre-recorded strength] workouts are helping me stay healthy and strong in my early 60’s in a way that is attainable and affordable and makes me feel good. I have known about the importance of strength training as you get older but needed to find a way to build it into my daily routine. I did not realize that training from home can be as effective and realistic as it has been with Tiana. I have been consistently doing Tiana’s online workouts for almost four months now. I am able to plan my workout for when I have time, and Tiana shows how you can work out right in your living room with just a few tools. More importantly, even though the workout is online, it feels like I am a part of a class and I can feel Tiana’s energy. I love how she includes form cues and advice continually throughout the workouts and it helps me to correct my form immediately. I have never really understood the power of the muscle-mind connection very well before, but Tiana makes that come to life. I am getting stronger AND I have noticed my posture improving, which is saying something as I have struggled with poor posture all my life. Thanks, Tiana, for the great classes!

Helena O.

Since Covid, I'd lost a lot of fitness and was experiencing knee pain. I'm usually comfortable in the gym, so I’d been trying my own workouts at home and gotten a couple of apps, but only Tiana’s workouts have brought me back into a place where I’m feeling good and looking forward to working out again. In the 8 (?) weeks since I’ve been doing these workouts, my knee pain has gone. I credit that entirely to Tiana- before starting the round I told her about it and she always includes knee corrections and modifications into the exercises she plans. That thoughtful and expert advice has been amazing.


I’ve worked with personal trainers in a gym before and competed in combat sports, and even over Zoom Tiana stands out as one of the best. She's done wonders for my mind-muscle connections. Her technical advice and corrections are somehow always perfectly timed and really enhance the quality and intensity of her workouts. Her style is matter-of-fact, encouraging, and educational. She’s always around to respond to an email, and she stays for a few minutes after classes in Zoom meetings to answer questions. In my opinion, for people who are beginners, hesitant or intimidated by gym culture, she’s an incredible resource.


These workouts are *super* affordable in general, but they are a steal if you take into account the quality of instruction. I honestly can’t recommend Tiana enough! 

Katy F.

I trained a lot in my 30's and 40's until I blew out my back and had to take a few years off. That stretched to many years off. In my, almost, old age I went looking for a personal trainer that I felt could work with me to regain fitness and reduce the daily pain associated with slowing down. I found Tiana. She listened, understood and designed a program for me and she makes me work twice a week. Hard but smart.
In eight weeks I have significantly improved mobility, flexibility and HUGE strength gains. And pain levels (shoulder/back/hips/knees) are way down. And I have fun doing it!
You want the right kind of personal trainer? Call Tiana.

David B.

You can read Tiana's posts about the gains I've made with her in less than 7 sessions. She is an amazing motivator and tailors each workout to your specific needs. I've noticed a very balanced structural change to my muscles and am really loving the strength I've built. Tiana is also great at working around my schedule. I can't recommend her enough. Working out with a trainer really puts the focus on your form and gets you more out of your work outs as a result.

Tracey B.

Tell Tiana your body and fitness goals and she will make it happen! I have been training a few months and have already made significant gains. Every session is tailored to your goals and she makes sure you are doing each exercise correctly so you can get the most out of your workout. AND she motivates me!!! (which is hard to do!)

Cynthia T.

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