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Tiana's Strength Class Packages

  • Strength Classes - monthly, continuous

    Every month
    Monthly subscription to recorded workouts at a lower rate - keep going until you cancel!
    • $25/month - save 37.5% off single month rate
    • Workouts change every 6-8 months so you don't get bored
    • Access 24 different workouts with expert instruction
    • Full body, HIIT, Arms/abs/glutes workouts
    • All the same features as the 3-month deal....for LESS!!
    • Choose your start date & cancel if/when you need to!
  • Strength Classes 3 months

    Save 25% - Online recorded workouts
    Valid for 3 months
    • $30 Per month (25% savings)
    • Workouts change each month so you don't get bored
    • Full-body, Targeted, and HIIT workouts
    • Expert instruction and form cues
    • Previously recorded live workouts, back for an encore
    • Unlimited access to 18+ new workouts per month
    • Dumbbells and resistance bands required
    • Get strong, build muscle, lose fat, feel good!
  • Strength Classes 1mo

    Try resistance training online to build strength and muscle
    Valid for one month
    • A shorter trial of the three-month strength classes
    • Start getting stronger without a long-term commitment
    • 24 unique workouts
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