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  • Access a new selection of 24 unique workouts every 6-8 weeks via the Members Only Video Library where you get exclusive access to the workout videos

  • Get training tips emailed to you every 6-8 weeks when the playlists get updated

  • Full-body and targeted strength workouts, plus some HIIT training

  • From $25/month - if you complete 12 workouts in one month, that's only $2.08 per workout!

  • FREE Sample workout - Try it out!!  

These full-body and targeted resistance training workouts will help you build strength and muscle tone, leaving you sweaty and a good way! Combined with conscious eating habits, resistance training is a key driver toward sustainable fat loss and muscle growth. Strength training will also help you gain or maintain independence, prevent injury, and build stronger bones, among other benefits!

These pre-recorded workouts come from a selection of over 120 that I recorded during live classes throughout 2021. I'm sharing them with you so you can work toward your strength and fitness goals on your own time!

Here's what Katy had to say about the online strength workouts:

"I’m on my second round of online workouts with Tiana, and so far every single one has been engaging, challenging, and fun! They’re no-nonsense, efficient, and form-focused. I really like that the rounds are mostly timed (rather than using reps) so I can concentrate on effective movements. Tiana always includes variations for intensity level, and it’s a great way to continue challenging myself as my fitness gets better and also to measure my progress!"

And Helena said this:

"Tiana’s [pre-recorded strength] workouts are helping me stay healthy and strong in my early 60’s in a way that is attainable and affordable and makes me feel good.[...] I did not realize that training from home can be as effective and realistic as it has been with Tiana. [...] Even though the workout is online, it feels like I am a part of a class and I can feel Tiana’s energy. I love how she includes form cues and advice continually throughout the workouts and it helps me to correct my form immediately. [...] I am getting stronger AND I have noticed my posture improving, which is saying something as I have struggled with poor posture all my life. Thanks, Tiana, for the great classes!"


Complete the PAR-Q form and liability waiver, and sign up!


Receive customized training programs and live coaching via Zoom, from the comfort of your living room. Work towards your fitness or weight-loss goals with 2 sessions per week, with the option to pair with nutrition coaching for fat loss or hypertrophy.


Resistance bands, dumbbells, and/or TRX required.


Fitness + Nutrition coaching 

10 sessions in 5 weeks - $600 +HST

Fitness Coaching only

10 sessions 5 weeks - $550 +HST

To sign up for private coaching, please set up a FREE 30min consult below, or email me for more info. 


At Carlaw and Dundas

Personalized fitness coaching to increase strength and mobility, which aids in  fat loss and/or muscle growth. I offer nutritional counseling to support your goals, whether you are looking to lose weight, build muscle, or just be a healthier you. Contact me for a free 30-minute Zoom consult where we discuss your goals and we see if we're a good coach-client fit!

DWELL GYM provides extensive weight-lifting equipment, lots of space, showers, and the best part: you don't need to pay for a gym membership when you are training with me! Visit to read about their amenities.

Rates (include HST):


  • Single session - $95  + HST

  • 10 sessions in 5 weeks - $725 + HST

  • 12 sessions in 30 days - $810 + HST

Semi-Private training (Cost Savings)

Get your own personalized program, but train at the same time as a second client. I will work back and forth between the two of you to coach on form and assign weight/reps. This option is ideal for someone who is  experienced in resistance training, but needs help choosing workouts that help them achieve their goals, or needs accountability and a more affordable option. Bring a partner, or please inquire to see if there is a second person who can train at the same time as you! 

  • 10 sessions in 5 weeks (2 per week) - $600 + HST per person

IPartner training (rates for 2 partners/friends to train together)

  • 5 sessions (1 per week) - $600 + HST

  • 10 sessions (2 per week) - $1000 + HST

*Ask about my Artist Rates

To sign up for private, semi-private, or partner training, please set up a FREE 30-min consult below, or email me for more info.



Your Health and Fitness Journey Starts Here

As a Certified Personal Trainer and Lean Body Coach, I will work with you to determine your health and fitness goals, and make a plan to help you achieve them. Whether you want to lose fat, build muscle tone, get stronger, improve your energy levels, or eat more healthily, I can help! We will work safely around injuries to help you build strength and mobility, improve overall fitness, and most importantly, get you feeling GREAT.

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