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Always Moving

Physical activity and fitness has always been a big part of my life. I grew up dancing ballet and jazz, downhill skiing, whitewater kayaking, camping and hiking. I even went to the gym with my parents and joined in on some of my mom's aerobics classes!

In my 20s, I competed in 8 triathlons, a road cycling grand prix, and 5k and 10k running races, while still dancing and adding yoga to my exercise repertoire. I got into strength training and weight lifting in my 30s, and it is now my main training focus. My dance and extensive athletic background have given me heightened proprioceptive awareness (the ability to feel one's body in space), which helps me guide others to use proper form and technique.

Working Through Injury

Throughout my dance and athletic career, I have suffered various injuries and sought out expert help to overcome pain while still remaining active. My familiarity with all these injuries and how to strengthen and mobilize the surrounding muscle groups enables me to work safely with injured clients while they are seeking treatment. This way, they can continue to work toward their fitness and weight loss goals while becoming STRONGER so they can prevent injury reoccurence.


Actor and Athlete

I am also a professional actor and acting instructor with a Master's of Fine Arts in Theatre, where my movement training and thesis research led me to discover deeper physical freedom through breath, release and proprioceptive exploration. I bring this to my clients to help them build functional strength, connected to breath, without unnecessary tension.


I Can Help You

My clients have experienced improved posture and confidence, greater strength and mobility, higher energy levels, increase in lean muscle mass, and significant fat loss.  I'd love to help YOU on your journey toward greater health too.

Find physical freedom, avoid stress and injury, execute proper form, sweat a little (or a lot), and BREATHE through movement to achieve inspiring results!


Certifications & Continuing Education:

  • Personal Trainer Specialist (CanFitPro, 2014)

  • DTS Fitness Education Level 1

  • DTS Courses: Lean Body Coach; Hypertrophy Fundamentals; Barbell Strength

  • DTS Masterclasses: Ground to Standing; Sleep: The Missing Link; Program Design; Rhythm & Timing; HIIT Assessment & Programming; Core Training

  • Rehab-U: Mobility Fundamentals for Prehab and Performance

  • Offbeat Fitness: Mobility Specialist

  • SWIS Symposium 2018

  • Schwinn Spin Instructor certification

  • CPR-A (annual recertification)

  • Silver medalist - canfitpro Natural Figure competition 



  • Bachelor of Commerce, UBC, 2003

  • Theatre Arts Diploma, MacEwan University, 2006

  • MFA in Theatre (Acting), York University, 2013

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